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With 40 years experience we are your air emissions compliance monitoring and data acquisition experts. We provide Software and Services to support you through all your continuous monitoring and reporting needs.

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With more than 40 years of experience in the air emissions compliance industry, ESC is a knowledgeable and trusted provider of solutions for environmental compliance needs. Our industry experience ranges from electric utilities to sectors such as refineries, petrochemical products, paper and industrial co-generation for manufacturing facilities. At ESC, we listen to our customers and proactively work to guarantee that they have innovative, industry-relevant products, quality services and the best in compliance and software training.

E S C StackVision

ESC|StackVision is our core software product, designed specifically for collecting, monitoring and reporting air emissions data. ESC's CEMS data acquisition software is installed on over 40% of the electric power industry's reporting sources and a growing number of industrial and refinery sources. With best-of-breed RATA, Linearity/CGA, Calibration and QA/QC tools, flexible monitoring through fully customizable consoles, and configurable alarm capabilities to let you know in advance when limits will be reached, StackVision's position as a market leader may not seem surprising.  Learn more about StackVision.

E S C 8864 Data Controller

An ESC Data Controller hardware device bridges the gap between the measurement analyzers in the CEMS rack and the ESC|StackVision data acquisition software. It provides the CEMS technician with the operator interface needed to easily control calibration functions such as switching on gas solenoids, performing the timing, recording the results and editing input/output settings. The technician is able to perform these tasks either at the device or in StackVision without having to modify ladder logic or computer programming. The 8864 has dual ethernet ports, greatly enhanced speed, data storage and channel range and a new color touch screen for everyday operations. Learn more about the 8864.

E S C FleetVision

ESC|FleetVision provides data aggregation from across your CEMS Data Acquisition Systems’ fleet. Data can be gathered via a direct connection to your ESC|StackVision servers or by importing your quarterly XML Electronic Data Reports (EDRs) from any DAS vendor, eliminating the risks associated with manual entry and saving valuable time. FleetVision with a direct link to StackVision will intelligently re-import and update corrected data automatically. Create valuable summaries, forecasts and dashboards. Share the data across your company and import accurate data into an EMIS or directly generate reports for permit compliance. Learn more about FleetVision.

More than Great Software is Needed for Customer Success

At ESC we know that great DAS software is the core of our success, but we also know that in the complex, time consuming, always evolving arena of regulatory compliance it takes more than just great software to insure that our customers succeed. Because of that we maintain an experienced staff knowledgeable in regulatory matters and have developed a range of services over the years that help our customers to maintain a smoothly running system.

  • Reporting Services  - Our experienced analysts can remotely monitor customers’ data and prepare it for submission while the customer concentrates on other responsibilities. ESC offers an array of Reporting Services for EDR and Permit-only CEMS reporting or for Ozone Season reporting, including daily or weekly data review as an alternative to completing these sometimes overwhelming tasks in-house.
  • Regulatory Services  - Have you replaced or added equipment? Have the regulations changed? Are your interpretations and assumptions about your permit limits still accurate? Our regulatory specialists are able to do a Permit Compliance Review and/or a QA/QC Plan Update to make sure you are still in compliance.
  • IT Services  - Often our customers do not have on-staff personnel with the knowledge and experience (or time!) to maintain their StackVision Servers. If you are in this position, please look at ESC's Server Management Program.  We also provide Other IT Services like the SQL Tune-Up service to assess the performance of your server and implement services to optimize your hardware resources. Or you might just need assistance with a project like a Server Upgrade or Data Purge.
  • Remote Hosting - If you'd rather we just take care of all of the IT end of things, you can come over to Remote Hosting for StackVision or FleetVision servers, where we maintain the hardware and software in our data center and you access your dedicated installations through secure VPN tunnels.
  • Support and Maintenance  - DASProtect and FleetVision Advantage contracts that allow customers access to the best support team in the industry. We have gone out of our way to create flexible options for our customers to acquire assistance, information and documentation 24/7.
  • TrainingESC|University classes in Regulations and Software, IT topics and Hardware. They can be held at the customer’s site and as public classes, which along with online training, webinars and tutorials, all give options for training to fit any budget or schedule.

Contact ESC Sales to learn more or to request a demonstration. We'd love to hear from you!

escsales@envirosys.com or 512-250-7902





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