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With 40 years experience we are your stack emissions monitoring (CEMS DAS) and data aggregation experts. From ARP to GHG, we provide Software and Services to support you through all your monitoring and reporting needs.

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Jack Missimer, President of ESC

The date for MATS monitoring compliance is a little over a year away. This may give a false sense that there is plenty of time left. But, even if you have identified the methods you plan to use, installed control equipment and possibly even contacted the monitor vendors - other outside resources such as consultants, stack testers and DAS Engineers will be required to achieve monitoring compliance.

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Leading Software. Leading Vision.

For the past 40 years, ESC has been dedicated to paving the way for environmental products and services by providing innovative, timely solutions.  With unrivaled expertise in Support, Regulatory Services and Training, ESC offerings provide tomorrow’s knowledge today.  Over the years as we have matured as a company we have served multiple industries and a variety of customers, but ESC products and services have shared one common theme: Leading Software. Leading Vision.

ESC Products and Solutions


ESC|CIMVision – GHG Manager provides reporting, collecting, calculating and scheduling tools to ensure successful compliance with the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program.  It utilizes any relevant emissions data as a source of input, tracks all pollutants mandated, creates annual reports to be submitted to EPA and provides analytical tools to track real-time emissions.

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ESC|FleetVision is the first off-the-shelf, commercial platform specifically designed for automated fleet-wide CEMS data aggregation allowing users to collect, correlate and analyze data within a user-friendly framework.

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ESC's CEMS data acquisition software is installed on over 40% of the electric power industry's reporting sources. StackVision’s user-driven, innovative design keeps you informed on emissions data in a user-friendly, real-time console of tools and displays.

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Remote Hosting

Do you wish that someone else could just take care of your hardware and software administration, leaving you to focus on your data? Let us remove the burdens associated with maintaining your applications by using the ESC Remote Hosting Service.

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Leading Software. Leading Vision

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