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With 40 years experience we are your air emissions compliance monitoring and data acquisition experts. We provide Software and Services to support you through all your continuous monitoring and reporting needs.

ESC Products

As the market leader for the CEMS compliance industry, ESC prides itself on providing you with the cutting-edge products that you need to be confident in your data.  With everything from reliable hardware to comprehensive software offerings, you can trust ESC with your CEMS compliance needs.

ESC | StackVision

ESC emissions monitoring software is installed on over 40% of the electric power industry's reporting sources. StackVision’s user-driven, innovative design keeps you informed on emissions data in a user-friendly, real-time console of tools and displays.

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ESC | FleetVision

ESC|FleetVision is the first off-the-shelf, commercial platform specifically designed for automated fleet-wide CEMS data aggregation allowing users to collect, correlate and analyze data within a user-friendly framework.

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ESC's Next Generation 8864 Data Controller
Builds on the Reliability of the Field-Proven ESC 8832

ESC 8864 Data Controller

An ESC Data Controller bridges the gap between the measurement analyzers in the CEMS rack and the ESC|StackVision  server. It provides the CEMS technician with the operator interface needed to easily control... more...


Contact the ESC Sales Team to learn more or to request a demonstration.

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