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The ESC Spectrum DAS

The ESC Spectrum Data Acquisition System (DAS)

The Most Popular CEMS Data Acquisition, Handling and Reporting Package in the U.S.

The ESC Spectrum DAS will empower your facility to simply and accurately collect, monitor, QA and report on emissions data from continuous monitoring systems. No other set of tools is so user-friendly or powerful.

The ESC Spectrum DAS Products
What is a DAS?

What is a DAS?

And why do you need one today?

A data acquisition and handling system—DAS or DAHS—is how your facility can most efficiently monitor your emissions, pollution levels, and other environmental factors. But it doubles as a way to keep your plant efficient, nimble, and online.

The Software

ESC Spectrum StackVision Software

The Industry’s Most Popular CEMS DAS Software

By collecting emissions data from the ESC Spectrum 8864 Data Controller and transforming it into usable, intuitive, and configurable reporting, StackVision transforms your emissions compliance from a time-consuming worry into an automated, affordable solution.

The Hardware

The ESC Spectrum 8864 Data Controller

The Most Powerful, Reliable Data Controller on the Market

With more storage capacity, the latest firmware, easy to manage configuration, and plenty of expert support from ESC Spectrum, the 8864 puts you in control of your data acquisition, validation and device communications.


We Measure Ourselves by Your Satisfaction

For over 50 years, ESC Spectrum has been a leader in emissions monitoring, data acquisition, and environmental compliance. Our commitment to serving your CEMS needs sets us apart.


Why do I need a Data Acquisition System?

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The ESC DAS for the Petroleum Industry.

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