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On September 9, 2020, the EPA published in the Federal Register the final changes to the Mercury and Air Toxin Standard (MATS) for power plant electronic reporting. These changes continue the transition to a more unified reporting program overall that utilizes the agency’s ECMPS (Emission Collection and Monitoring Plan System) tool to evaluate and submit the electronic files required under this program. 

In an effort to help affected facilities understand the magnitude of these changes, ESC Spectrum is providing several resources: 

•  Webinar Series: The first webinar will focus on the preamble to the regulation revisions, and the second webinar on the major changes contained in the revisions. 

•  Online Resource: the extracted language of the preamble is available in our Resource Library, where it can be accessed, reviewed and downloaded anytime

Why Review the Preamble? 

Reviewing the preamble is important because in it the agency explains what changes are being made, where within the existing regulations the new changes (revisions and additions) occur and the reason why the changes will be made. The preamble gives facility employees the background necessary to understanding the revisions. It also explains why the agency did not include some of the changes that some suggested or campaigned for. We will cover the preamble in our first webinar, as well as providing the extracted language in our Resources Library. 

Why Review the Major Changes? 

Understanding how the major changes will apply to your facility has immediate impact on your operations. Our second webinar will focus on changes associated with the data acquisition systems (DAS) produced by ESC Spectrum and include a brief discussion on other major topics such as a shift from semi-annual to quarterly compliance reports. Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions after the presentation. 

Please watch for email announcements for each of these events. Even though the changes contained in the September 9th announcement are not mandatory until 2024, the MATS reporting changes will likely require engineering changes to your DAS configuration in 2023 to begin producing the necessary EDR file changes. 

For questions, suggestions, or for a general chat, do not hesitate to contact me.

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