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October's One Page Tip

Published Oct 03, 2019


October's One Page Tip consists of planning for linearities, actual linearity activities, and wrapping it all up.

Planning for Linearities, Actual Linearity Activities, and Wrapping It Up

Three separate One Page Tips (OPTs) have been developed covering linearities because they are so important. These OPTs cover:

  • Planning for Linearities
  • Actual Linearity Activities
  • ​Wrapping It Up

Remembering when to perform these periodic quality assurance checks can be tricky sometimes, deserving careful planning, but one tool available to make this easier is the “QA Test Status Report”. This report will provide the answers to some of the scheduling questions (is the current quarter an operating quarter and how many days have passed since the last successful linearity), plus other information about your linearity history. 

Performing the Linearity triggers using your in-house procedures and checklists each time promotes consistency and enhances the opportunity for success. Evaluating the newly created linearity records in ECMPS during either the same or next day will make sure you are ready to put the linearity checks behind you until the next quarter. 

Once the linearity is done, let’s wrap up these records and move on. In this OPT we share with you the lessons we’ve learned and ideas we’ve come up with to stay on top of those quirky linearity requirements. The link found at the end of this announcement will take you to the next release of the set of one page tips, “Planning for Linearities”, “Actual Linearity Activities”, and “Wrapping Up That Linearity!”. 

Click the link below to study Jon Konings's suggestions. 

View October's OPT Here!


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jon Konings at or 512.250.7915