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April's One Page Tip

Published Apr 07, 2020


April's One Page Tip explores inspecting the Primary Element of fuel flow measurement systems.

Inspecting the Primary Element of my Fuel Flow Measurement Systems

Primary elements are special devices that are immersed in the fluid stream and create the physical changes (vortices) downstream of the elements and sensed by the transducers of the flow measurement system as the flow rates changes. Liquid fuels (diesel fuel, kerosene, etc.) and even gaseous fuels contain hazardous, toxic or abrasive components which can lead to corrosion, erosion and/or deformation of the elements themselves. Any changes to the primary element itself can cause a shift in the accuracy of flow measurement system. 

Several examples of primary elements are orifice plates or vortex shedding bars. 

Documenting your findings during these infrequent inspections is not only required but important to identify trends affecting the performance of these systems.  

Review the features for documenting and reporting your inspections using the “Miscellaneous Test” module found in the StackVision User Guide, in the “Help” area of the StackVision software. 

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