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Send Us Your ECMPS Client Tool Feedback

Published Mar 25, 2020

Send Us Your ECMPS Client Tool Feedback

Leading Provider of CEMS Data Acquisition Software and Services Environmental Systems Corporation (ESC) | Spectrum Systems, Inc. (SSI) Provides Feedback on Proposed Changes to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Emissions Collection and Monitoring Plan System (ECMPS) Client Tool.

For the 11th year in a row, ESC | Spectrum is proud to be working alongside the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide feedback on upcoming changes to the ECMPS Client Tool. ESC, the leading CEMS Data Acquisition System (DAS) software provider in the United States, expanded to meet growing needs of customers by acquiring Spectrum Systems in 2018. Spectrum is a full-service CEMS provider delivering high-quality CEMS integration, maintenance, repairs, training, stack testing, and DAS software. Together, they deliver industrial and utility plants with end-to-end solutions that help them meet ever-evolving compliance challenges.

ECMPS is part of a larger effort by the Clean Air Markets Division of the EPA to reengineer the processes and data systems that are used to collect data for cap and trade emissions reduction programs. All industry 40 CFR Part 75 sources are required to use the ECMPS Client Tool to submit monitoring plans, QA/certification tests, and emissions data to the EPA for Clean Air Market programs.

ESC Director of Sales and Marketing Mike Viator, Engineering Manager Eric Prater and Director of Operations Brian Fowler participated in the EPA ECMPS DAHS Vendor Development webinar on March 3, 2020. After learning about upcoming software changes and providing feedback, ESC created an ECMPS development task force to develop and track a working list of Client Tool needs based on customer feedback, environmental air consultant support requests, and comments from our internal Electronic Data Reporting (EDR) and emissions reporting support team.  We will communicate known issues and requested enhancements for future releases of the Client Tool directly with the EPA.

If your company is a Part 75 air source and subject to rules that require you to submit quarterly EDR’s through the EPA ECMPS Client Tool, please contact us with questions, comments and concerns, and we’ll add them to our list.

ESC has a team of ECMPS experts that provide training and review of recent updates and software release notes and can support your EDR submittals.  Our DAHS and standardized set of air emissions reporting tools through the StackVision platform reduce compliance risk and streamline EDR/XML reporting.  

ESC has been involved with ECMPS development since it was first released in 2009 and continues to support customers with the latest information and tools that keep pace with changes in technology and regulations to help them meet compliance. Contact us for a demo of StackVision and learn how our products and services can solve your biggest compliance challenges.

For media inquiries, please contact Anna Wilson, Corporate Marketing Manager: | 512-422-0193.

For feedback on the ECMPS Client Tool, please contact Adam Jackson: | 832-483-0511.