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Petroleum Refineries

Refinery at night

Let our decades of air compliance experience help you meet your monitoring, recordkeeping, reporting and data management challenges.

ESC Spectrum has provided products and services to customers in the Electric Power and Petroleum industries for over 50 years. Our Data Acquisition and Handling System (DAS or DAHS) is installed in hundreds of facilities across many industries, including refineries, with 3000+ sources successfully reporting under NSPS, MACT rules and more.

Whether CEMS, COMS or CPMS, the ESC DAS can automate your data validation and averaging and also simplify your recordkeeping, QA and reporting. 

"If you keep up with things all it takes is a few minutes a day of quick checks and coding, then end of quarter reporting is easy." Jeremy Meeks, Environmental Engineer, CHS Refinery at McPherson

Our DAS Helps You Meet Your Biggest Challenges, Including:

  • An exponential increase in the number of locations you are required to monitor and ever-evolving demands with each new turnaround as sources are modified and come under Subpart Ja.
  • The data management challenges of addressing RSR changes to MACT CC for flares
  • Additional recordkeeping burdens like calibration checks for new collection device analyzers, quarterly testing and the quality control activities associated with each.
  • Operational adjustments based on the current state of the system, using valid compliance values. 
  • A public that expects pollution reduction and immediate knowledge of excess emissions, and corporate leadership that wants reliable hard numbers.

Data collected into the DCS, sent to the plant historian and entered into spreadsheets is no longer an efficient, scalable or reliable methodology to meet these challenges, particularly with the introduction of Subpart Ja and the Refinery Sector Rule (RSR).

Contact us today for a demo and to learn how we can help you manage your data acquisition, validation, recordkeeping, QA and reporting workload.