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The ESC DAS is the premier continuous monitoring Data Acquisition System in the U.S.  ESC|StackVision Software plus the ESC 8864 Data Controller hardware unite to create the best data acquisition system for all air compliance continuous monitoring needs, including CEMS, COMS and CPMS.

The ESC DAS - Software and Hardware

The ESC DAS is a two-part solution to your data acquisition and reporting needs. StackVision is the software. The 8864 Data Controller is the hardware. Together, they provide the most sophisticated, flexible, and accurate solution available.

What is a DAS?

ESC|StackVision - Flexible and Powerful Software

StackVision is the most widely used data acquisition and handling system software across the U.S. ESC customers in petrochemical, refining, electric generation and other industries rely on it for monitoring, data management, and reporting.

StackVision is a robust, flexible solution that can grow or shrink to meet your systems’ needs. It keeps you on top of your compliance status and trends with a built-in set of real time tools and displays, yet you’ll have complete control over the calculations and configuration.

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Intelligent Data Collection - the 8864

The ESC 8864 Data Controller is a sophisticated, powerful hardware bridge between the StackVision software and your monitoring systems. They are designed to acquire, process, and transmit data in a multi-tasking environment for air compliance monitoring, including CEMS, COMS and CPMS. They also minimize “out of control” data by providing calibration sequencing and data storage independent of DAS computer operations.

The 8864 is far more than a simple data logger and where a PLC is designed for process control, ESC data controllers are designed for continuous monitoring. The firmware has specialized data handling capabilities, including validation, flagging and averaging for a wide range of periods under different rules.

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