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ESC Spectrum provides industry-leading products and services for customers in the electric power and petroleum industries.

Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) and Services: StackVision and Prism are the leading Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) Data Acquisition Systems for facilities in the U.S. Both work seamlessly with the 8864 Data Controller to collect, monitor, QA, and report on emissions data from continuous monitoring systems accurately and reliably. Use FleXReports to securely export data from StackVision™ into Microsoft® Excel for maximum flexibility.  Partner with expert teams of Reporting, Engineering, and IT experts for help with CEM challenges.

Quality Assurance (QA) Test Activity Software: QAInsight helps facilities solve the challenges of scheduling, planning, and tracking activities related to performing Quality Assurance (QA) tests required by state and federal agencies. It gives operators fleetwide visibility into all QA test activities.

Stack Testing Software: RATAView helps stack testers perform Relative Accuracy Test Audit (RATA) tests accurately and efficiently to meet complex regulations, including requirements around testing frequency, calculations, data gathering, and data retention.

CEMS Systems and Services: We have decades of experience custom-building CEMS Systems to unique specifications. Partner with our professional CEMS Services team for quarterly maintenance and training, as well as mobile testing, stack testing, repair, calibration, and more.

Easily and Securely Export Data from StackVision into Microsoft Excel

FleXReports is subscription-based software that helps facilities easily and securely export data from StackVision™ into Microsoft® Excel for maximum flexibility. Users have the power to develop fleetwide reports that aggregate data, then customize the format using familiar Excel functionality.

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Data Security

FleXReports data transmission meets security needs by using StackVision’s pre-existing architecture for communications. Data is read-only; save to shared systems to give multiple departments access.

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Share Data With Colleagues

Share data with other departments, bring into reports and dashboards, or use as a source for third party applications. Write your own functions and macros, and control formatting for custom reports developed with FleXReports templates.

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Schedule Reports

No need to wait to load and run reports. Simply schedule when you want to receive them and how - via email (with or without attachments), on a dashboard, or add to SharePoint or another file-sharing system.

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