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The Clean Air Market Division (CAMD) has undertaken a project to re-engineer or replace ECMPS. The ECMPS tool is required to be used for reporting under the Part 75 (Acid Rain Program) and Part 63 (EGU MATS) programs. This software tool is required to be used for several purposes. The first task is to create, modify and update the evaluating and submitting Monitoring Plan records. It is also used to evaluate and submit quality assurance and certification (QA)  plus emission files.

The new tool will be a cloud based application, which will make updating the application easier, with fewer concerns about cybersecurity.

In the development of the new tool, no new functionality or checks will be implemented. The project is focused on transferring the current functionality and checks into the new tool. The one area that users will see a change is the error messages. Some of these messages are currently confusing and complicated, so the project team is trying to clean them up, so they are more descriptive of the root cause of the problem.

Beta testing of the new tool for Monitoring Plan records will begin this November of 2021, with beta testing for QA and emission records beginning in 2022. A complete and mandatory changeover to using the new tool will be required starting on January 1, 2023.

If you have any questions regarding this re-engineering project, feel free to contact Senior Regulatory and Reporting Engineer Jon Konings.

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