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One Page Tip #10
First Quarter Reports are Coming!!!

Where did the time go? You are probably trying to catch up with the day to day activities and obligations because you’ve been distracted by end of the year’s reports and other work. When is that linearity scheduled for?  How about this year’s RATA and the other stack testing required by the permit?  Did that new purchase order get issued for this year’s testing? 
For this year’s RATA, did the Designated Representative sign off and send off that notification letter for the upcoming stack testing and RATAs?  Do those who are responsible for dispatching the unit, are they aware of your need to perform the RATA, and other stack testing which might be required by the operating permits?  Many state and local air quality agencies require a testing protocol to be prepared for the types of performance testing required by the permit, and these protocols need to be submitted in advance for the agency’s review and approval. 
Have you performed an evaluation of historical emissions data as part of your review of the MPC, MEC, the span and range of each monitoring system?  An annual review is required. This evaluation will not only trigger a review of these values included in the Monitoring Plan records but might lead to changing the span or range setting of the monitoring systems, or even lead to the need to order a new blend of calibration or linearity gas cylinders.  Remember, blending a set of Protocol I gas cylinders takes at least 28 days to prepare. 
Take this opportunity to get organized. Looking ahead, the deadline for the next round of quarterly reports are coming fast.

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Download the PDF document here.

Jon Konings, Senior Regulatory and Reporting Engineer, ESC

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