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StackVision 6.3 New Features

StackVision Version 6.3 can be downloaded from the ESC|StackVision Downloads page in the Customer Community (requires login).

Version 6.3 is a cumulative update that can be used for both a new installation or an upgrade on systems running StackVision Version 6.0 or later.

The following is an overview of the new features implemented in this release. For a more detailed description of the improvements in Version 6.3, view the StackVision 6.3 Updates in the Release Notes.

ESC 8864 Data Controller Backups

Note: This feature is available only for the 8864 Data Controller.

The Backup feature in StackVision provides an easy way to backup data controller configurations. This new feature is available in both the General and Download tabs of Controller Tools.
  • In the General tab, clicking Backup begins the backup process.
  • In the Download tab, clicking Download and then selecting Yes in the dialog begins the process. See Tools > Controller Tools > General or Download tab.
When the backup process begins, the “Confirm Controller Backup” dialog displays as shown in Figure 1. Enter your data controller login credentials and then click OK to begin backing up the current data controller configuration.

The backup of the 8864 configuration is an XML file and is stored in the StackVision installation folder. For example, if StackVision is installed on C:\ drive, the path to the backup file is: C:\StackVision\Application\Data\ControllerConfigBackups\

If StackVision is installed on a drive other than C:\ drive, substitute C:\ drive with the drive letter you are using.

The logger ID and current date are included in the filename of the backup XML file, such as “ControllerBackup - LOG88, 2018-04-20, 11-47-17.xml”.

NOTE: The Backup feature does not download the configuration to the data controller– it only creates a configuration backup file. The process also does not include the Modbus configuration file (server.cfg).


EventLab is a new client tool that is available to facilities with a StackVision refinery license key. Working in EventLab requires that your StackVision user account be set up as an administrator or with one or more DataLab permissions. When these requirements are not in place, EventLab is unavailable in the new client. See User Accounts (Users and Roles) for more information.

To open EventLab, click New Client in the StackVision main menu. Select Launch New Client and then click EventLab in the main toolbar (New Client > Launch New Client > EventLab). See Figure 2 for an example.
Use EventLab to compare, analyze, and modify data for planned and unplanned events. For example, you can use EventLab to add and modify records for flare events, as well as start-up, shut-down, and power outage events. Similar to other New Client features, tasks are performed by:
  1. Selecting filter options in the left pane that determine which event records display in the center and right pane.
  2. Selecting an existing record from the list of events in the center pane to display the record in the right pane.
  3. Using the event editor to add a new event record, or view and edit data for the event record currently selected in the center pane.

See the New Client Features section in the release notes for a full description of the new StackVision Client.

For more information about upgrading to StackVision 6.3
 512-250-7901  •

If you would like an engineer to help with your configuration, contact the ESC Sales Team.
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The ESC Engineering Staff    Published: 9/6/2018 1:17:22 PM

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