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The 8864 Expand & Update Process

Are you ready to take your data controller game to the next level? Upgrading from an 8832 to an 8864 will provide you with increased CPU and network speed as well as increased configuration storage space.

With this increase in storage space, you can configure more channels and more digital I/O points. This increased storage space also means you can store your base averages and extended averages for longer!

If you have already upgraded your hardware to the 8864, but have not increased your data storage time interval, you are not taking advantage of all the 8864 has to offer. A longer storage time interval improves your data availability and can protect you from long server communication errors.

The 8832 could at best store only 1-minute data for 30 days, 15-minute data for 30 days and 1-hour data for 60 days; however, the 8864 uses the following storage times:

  • 1-minute data for 60 days
  • 6-minute data for 60 days
  • 15-minute data for 60 days
  • 1-hour data for 365 days for all 999 channels (yes, a whole year!)
  • Additionally, it stores up to 120 calibration records

An ESC engineer can update your controller firmware and expand your storage capacity with the following three-phase process:

  • Reconcile - Capture differences between the controller configuration and the configuration stored at the server
  • Update - Upgrade the 8864 firmware to the latest general release available
  • Expand - Make the configuration changes necessary to increase data storage for channels and calibrations
It is important to reconcile the differences made in the data controller to ensure they are reflected in the current server configuration. The ConfigCompare tool introduced in StackVision 4.8 allows for a direct comparison between the server configuration and the data controller configuration.

This tool will compare defined settings to help resolve any differences between the two platforms. From here, we will personally verify how ConfigCompare handles the different settings in each construct and make any necessary changes to the server configuration. See Figures 1 & 2 below for examples.

When you upgrade to an 8864 and replace your 8832, the firmware will be updated to the latest general release available. This can be done remotely, or an ESC engineer can perform the work onsite. The choice is yours.

Even though your firmware has been upgraded, the increased data storage time intervals for channels and the increased number of calibration records to store still needs to be configured. The changes are most easily done by editing the server configuration in addition to any changes from the reconciliation. The updated configuration is then downloaded to your 8864, providing you with a seamless upgrade and increased data storage.

Interested in learning more about the 8864 Expand & Update Process? Download the information sheet here.

Want to know more about the differences between the 8832 and 8864 Data Controllers? Review a comparison sheet here.

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The ESC Engineering Staff    Published: 6/6/2018 9:34:52 AM

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