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In this webinar, discover how to use EventLab to edit data in your DAS without making changes in StackStudio or saving data edits in DataLab.

Additional Information

Presented on 3/19/2019

Do you update your emission constants and wish you had a history of what they were? Wish you had a way to keep track of your correlation constants and update them in one place?

EventLab is a new way to edit data in your DAS without making the changes in StackStudio or having to make saves in DataLab. It allows you to pick your date range, interval, and a host of editable options. Then the new ProcessNow task fills in data according to your settings in EventLab. It's like fuel systems, but with a lot more options. Join us to explore what it can do for you.

This webinar is based on Valerie Blevins's presentation during the ESC Fall 2018 User Group.

Download presentation slides here.