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Welcome to our resource library. Here you can locate useful information to read online or download for later user. We include articles written by our engineers and regulatory specialists, job aids, case studies, links to view past webinars, presentation slides from our semi-annual user group meetings and other events.

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Just about every facility has a Title V Operating Permit or Renewable Operating Permit (ROP). Even a facility with a permit exemption often has a letter that explains exemption status on file with the local air management agency.


These helpful Audit preparation tips will provide you with a high-level review of your compliance program and areas related to CEMS or alternative monitoring plans.


Key Air Emission Compliance Lessons Learned


The COVID-19 pandemic had negative effects on everyone this year. Don't let audits catch you off guard in 2021.


The Final Proposed Revisions to the Mercury and Air Toxins Standards (MATS) Reporting Rule published on September 9, 2020 triggered a new approach to processing and reporting downtime events under the EGU MATS requirements.


This articles explains the difference in reporting downtime events after September 9, 2020.


Answers to questions during the Q&A portion of the Fall User Group online meetings.


Understand which special submission requirements you are subject to if your facility is using PM CEM systems to demonstrate compliance.


Be sure you understand how your CEM data system addresses the issue of daylight saving time. Your Quality Assurance Quality Control (QA/QC) plan should spell out that your data system always records time in standard time.


Read Part 2 of our two part article in Hydrocarbon Engineering.


This One Page Tip will help guide you through the final changes to the MATS for power plant electronic reporting.


MATS Reporting Final Proposal – Copied from the Federal Register


In June 2019, the EPA proposed the Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) program. Each state must develop Emission Guidelines for Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Existing Electric Utility Generating Units. We're here to help configure your DAS for compliance.


This One Page Tip will help guide you through a daily and weekly data CEM system review.


Answers to questions during the Q&A portion of the Spring User Group online meeting.


This One Page Tip will review the features of the NOx Correlation module found in the StackVision User Guide, in the “Help” area of the StackVision software.