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CEMS Services

Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) Services

ESC Spectrum offers total CEMS solutions from a single source. We are your single source for shelters, testing, parts, repair, maintenance, and more – everything you need to keep your CEMS system healthy and in compliance. ESC Spectrum provides a full suite of CEMS services, from professional maintenance and training to repair and calibration to stack testing.

CEMS Protect Partner Program

ESC Spectrum’s CEMS Partner Program provides the services you need to protect your equipment and stay in compliance. We work with you to ensure all required quarterly activities are completed correctly and on time, while providing your technicians with on-the-job training, troubleshooting expertise and support. Customize each visit to the indivudual needs of your facility. Learn more about this service on the CEMS Partner Program information sheet.

Professional Maintenance and Training

Our CEMS Services department provides customizable maintenance contracts to meet your specific needs, ranging from periodic visits and on-site assistance or training to employees to full turnkey solutions including all labor, parts and response and uptime guarantees. 

CEMS Analyzer Upgrades, Repair, Calibration and Parts

Our solutions are rooted in a deep knowledge of air emissions: the analyzer maintenance team has decades of experience working on major brands, including Thermo-Fisher, Siemens, Teledyne, M&C, and more. Learn more about our CEMS analyzer services, including:

  • Analyzer Upgrades: We can install and test any major analyzer brand efficiently, reliably, and within budget.
  • Analyzer Repair: ESC Spectrum operates a full depot-level lab with the ability to repair and refurbish most major CEMS analyzer and monitor brands with same day options available for some services. We perform Elemental Mercury Calibrator certifications in accordance with the Interim EPA Traceability Protocol as well as Neutral Density Filter certifications as required by 40CFR60.
  • Analyzer Calibration: Our Calibrator Certification service compares and tests the Thermo Hg 81i Mercury Calibrator against a NIST traceable vendor prime. Our lab is the only facility besides the manufacturer certified to repair and calibrate these devices. Read more about our straighforward, four-step Calibrator Certification process that makes it easy to check and certify your system. 
  • Analyzer Parts: We have a large inventory of spare parts, including obsolete, hard-to-order, and third-party items, to support your analyzers. Overnight shipping is available for in-stock parts.
  • Analyzer Training: We offer customized on-the-job training and support via our CEMS Protect Partner program, as well as Analyzer Repair and Maintenance training at our facility.
  • Analyzer Certification: We conduct certification procedures for replacing analyzers and other major changes to your CEMS prompting certification.
Watch this short video to learn about more of our CEMS Anayzer services.

Stack Testing

ESC Spectrum has performed air emissions Stack Testing since 1991 - we understand that making informed decisions when it comes to emissions is crucial to our customers’ operations. Our team of experts are well-versed in EPA test methodologies and CEMS operations. Because they are familiar with the Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) they are testing, our stack testing technicians can troubleshoot and easily solve problems.

We write and support our own commercially available Stack Testing Software, RATAView, to ensure efficient testing and accurate results. We are experienced in EPA test methods for industrial categories under various temperature, pressure, pollutant concentration and gas flow conditions.

These include:

  • SO2
  • NOx
  • CO2
  • O2
  • VOC
  • NH3
  • H2O
  • CO
  • Mercury
  • Flow
  • Particulate (PS-11, CPMS, M5, M202)
  • Visual Emissions

We provide XML files for all part 75 testing for ECMPS. Learn more about ESC Spectrum's Stack Testing expertise here.

Umbilical Inspection and Installation Service

It is important to keep your umbilicals healthy to avoid downtime and failures. 

Our Umbilical Inspection and Installation Service includes:

  • An on-site inspection of the health of your current umbilical system
  • An assessment with a detailed description of our recommendations, including replacement umbilical components
  • Umbilical components
  • Professional installation from a company with over five decades of experience in CEMS services known for high-quality work

Several CEMS umbilical suppliers are no longer manufacturing the items you may be using.  Prepare for the future by ensuring that your system is working well and you have the parts you need instead of scrambling after a failure. Facilities with Mercury CEMS umbilicals should closely monitor their systems as most have over ten years of service. Contact us to learn more.

Have a CEMS challenge you need assistance with?  Contact our Sales team.