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Engineering Services

Configuring any DAS is a complicated process. Reams of rules, finicky changes, so many things to update with added equipment or rule changes. ESC|StackStudio gives an easy interface for making the changes, but if you only do it once in a while, are new to the system,  not quite clear on how to implement the regulations, or just don't have the time, it can be a daunting task. 

Luckily, we’ve configured thousands of systems across the country, and we can do it for you, too. Our seasoned professionals can configure your DAS to your facility’s precise requirements, ensure it is updated, align it with the latest regulations, or make it work smoothly with your other resources. Contact us to inquire about Engineering Services, we'd love to help figure out your configuration challenges.

Individual Engineering projects may be scheduled on a time and materials basis, or you might want to take advantage of some of the fixed-price offerings below, which provide frameworks to serve particular needs.

DAS Evolution

Is your DAS still in synch with your current needs? The DAS Evolution process takes you through discovery, implementation and documentation of a prioritized list of improvements and fixes.

  • Discover – Review your daily processes to identify areas to better use software functionality
  • Implement – Work with your staff to implement as many changes as time allows
  • Document Outline changes made and recommendations for future improvements

DAS Evolution is normally a two-day engineering engagement that begins with a half-day review with your staff of your DAS and daily processes. Together you will create a prioritized list of improvements and fixes. The engineer will then work through as many items as possible with you during the engagement and provide a follow-up list of any remaining items.  DAS Evolution information sheet


DAS Compliance Review

Does your current configuration comply with your permit? Permits can be ambiguous, personnel come and go, time passes, things change. Find out how far your configuration has slipped and pull it back into alignment with your permit through the DAS Compliance Review.

  • Permit Review – CEM Compliance requirements detailed by ESC, with customer review and feedback
  • DAS Permit Analysis – Engineering Design Review based on the approved compliance review
  • Configuration Updates Implement a customer-prioritized list of changes from those identified

The DAS Compliance Review is a fixed-price engineering engagement that includes the generation of documentation deliverable to the customer for each step in the process, including the approved Permit Review, the approved DAS Permit Analysis and a list of recommendations for potential changes to monitoring, calculating, & reporting.

Also included are twenty hours of engineering services to implement as many changes as possible from your prioritized list based on those recommendations, plus a one-day Factory Acceptance Test at ESC’s offices to review the changes.

DAS Compliance Review information sheet


8864 Expand and Update

The 8864 raised the bar for CEMS controllers and customers have taken advantage of a lot of that power. Things like 64-bit computations, ten times the CPU speed, ten times the network speed, 999 Channels, 999 Digital I/O points, and ten times the configuration storage space have been put to good use. But many customers are not yet using the over 100 times greater data storage in the 8864 to improve their data availability. We will follow this three-phase process  to expand your storage capacity and bring your controller up to date.

  • Reconciliation – Capture differences in the controller vs. the configuration stored at the server
  • Update Firmware – Upgrade the 8864 firmware to the latest general release available
  • Expand Storage  Make the configuration changes necessary to increase channel storage

Are you ready to take it to the next level? 8864 Expand and Update information sheet


Private Engineering Training

Learn directly with an ESC engineer using your own system. We’ll decide with you up front which subjects to cover, and the engineer will teach while doing actual work on your system.

  • Discovery – Kickoff meeting via phone and screen share, develop prioritized itinerary
  • Training – We recommend coming to our Austin offices for best results – job demands can be distracting at your facility
    • Austin – 4-hour minimum, recommended is 1-day
    • Onsite – 1-day minimum, plus mobilization fee
    • Limits: 3 attendees, one StackVision server
  • Documentation  Itemized list plus any proposal or case creation delivered as follow-up to the training period

If you are coming into Austin for a Fall User Group meeting, classes or a factory acceptance test, then why not book a session?

Private Engineering Training information sheet