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IT Services

Let our IT experts help you with the time consuming challenges that come with Data Acquisition System (DAS) server software and hardware maintenance.

Each of our IT services is designed to increase efficiency by supporting your ESC Spectrum DAS.  We handle the technical lifting so you can focus on your real job: monitoring and reporting for compliance.

Remote Hosting

When you install the ESC Spectrum DAS at your facility, you may encounter a number IT challenges including:
  • Numerous software and hardware updates mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Microsoft™
  • Technical knowledge to ensure smooth updates
  • Optimization of performance
  • Balancing timely updates with reporting demand
We solve your IT challenges so you can focus on your data. We offer secure, remote hosting services for StackVision and SQL servers in our data center. A secure VPN tunnel gives around-the-clock access, as if the servers were on your premises.
The result is no downtime, costly IT expenditures, or concerns about the performance of your system and the safety of your data.

Server Management

If you prefer to keep your servers on site, but lack adequate IT support at your facility, ESC Spectrum can manage your DAS server(s) for you.
We’ll ensure you’re up-to-date and can easily recover from disaster. We’ll perform SQL maintenance, optimize and update your operating system and DAS software, manage your drives, and monitor server health and performance.

Server Upgrade & Migration

Technology changes rapidly and you may not have the time or expertise to implement updates to your DAS server. Even a robust and reliable ESC Spectrum DAS server eventually requires hardware and software replacement. Migrating to a new server is a technical high-wire act and requires careful calibration and a deep understanding of your systems.
The ESC Spectrum Server Upgrade & Migration service ensures a seamless transition.
A seasoned IT specialist will migrate your facility onto its brand-new server and restore your database, then give the entire system a complete, top to bottom tune-up to ensure the server takes full advantage of new hardware and software resources.
This one-time hardware upgrade includes a long list of features—including installing the OS, relevant applications, and StackVision, then restoring the StackVision database. Read more about our Server Upgrade and Migration service.

Retirement Hosting Services

We can host your company's retired StackVision servers housing historical data at a SAS70 Type II-certified data center, and relieve you of the burden associated with maintainence. The designated servers will no longer be actively acquiring data, but maintain the information in an accessible and auditable state. Your data is housed on ESC Spectrum servers that receive database maintenance, data backup, storage, change control, and disaster recovery.


SQL Tune-up

To ensure your server is healthy and performing at a high level, you need to carefully maintain your hardware and operating system.
Our SQL Tune-up will assess your server’s performance—and then implement necessary improvements to get your server into tip-top shape. This includes maintaining your SQL, analyzing index fragmentation, reviewing the log history, coordinating data purges—and much more.

Data Purge

One of the surest ways to improve your server’s performance is occasionally purging old data—thus freeing up storage space and boosting server speed. Let our experts help you create and perform strategic, safe data purges and archive old data. We can help you establish a smart, rolling, regularly scheduled purge of interval data at your facility.